About Visions Private Investigation

Tennessee Licensed Private Investigator

Eddie McCarter is a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN, and is a licensed private investigator with the state of Tennessee.  He is a member of TPIA and has served on its board for the last two years.  After training under Vinson Detective Agency, Eddie started Visions Private Investigation.  Eddie has experience with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department in their narcotics and corrections departments. During this time with the Sheriff’s Department he proved to be effective managing inmates and gathering intelligence. During his time at the Sheriff’s office, Eddie volunteered his time assisting the narcotics and drug interdiction unit where he learned target specific investigative techniques which he now utilizes in his own practice.

Eddie brings a remarkable background to the private investigative industry and has amassed a skilled  and well-rounded team.  His personal, business, security, and overall life experiences give him a unique perspective when working cases and serving his clients.

Visions Private Investigation’s goal is to present the unbiased, relevant, and accurate information to our clients by utilizing in depth preparation and research.  Visions Private Investigations strictly adheres to applicable laws and regulations set by all governing bodies.