Knoxville, TN Private Investigation Services

Visions Private Investigation provides investigative and private detective service throughout Knoxville and across Tennessee, including Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and the Tri-Cities.

We offer a range of services aimed at gathering information, uncovering facts, and providing solutions to various clients’ needs.

Our private investigators customize our services to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and legal professionals in Knoxville. Our team’s deep expertise in gathering information and uncovering facts can be invaluable in various personal, legal, and corporate situations.

    Investigative Services

    Workers Compensation

    Personal & Family


    • Civil/Commercial Litigation
    • Insurance Defense
    • Intellectual Property
    • Computer Forensics
    • Process Server


    • Business M&A
    • Employee Investigations
    • Polygraph Exams
    • Executive Protection
    • Corporate Theft
    • Fixed Surveillance
    • Bug Sweep


    • Asset Investigations
    • Bank Fraud
    • Asset Transfers and Money Laundering


    Special Assignment

    • Computer Forensics
    • Electronic Countermeasures
    • Polygraph Exams
    • Executive Protection
    • Fixed Surveillance
    • Bug Sweep
    • GPS Sweep

    When an investigation is important, our team is here to help. We’ve been the best resource for private investigation services for the Knoville area for over 2 decades.

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    Surveillance: Our team conducts discreet surveillance to monitor individuals’ activities, often for legal, personal, or corporate purposes.

    Background Checks: We perform thorough background investigations on individuals, including criminal history, employment verification, financial background, and personal relationships.

    Asset Searches: Private investigators help locate and assess assets for legal proceedings, divorce cases, or financial planning purposes.

    Missing Persons Investigations: We assist in locating missing persons, whether it’s a lost loved one, runaway, or someone evading legal obligations.

    Insurance Investigations: Our team works with insurance companies to verify claims, investigate fraud, and gather evidence related to accidents, injuries, or property damage.

    Legal Support: We provide support to attorneys by conducting witness interviews, gathering evidence, serving legal documents, and assisting with case preparation.

    Corporate Investigations: Private investigators offer services such as employee background checks, corporate espionage detection, and intellectual property protection.

    Infidelity Investigations: We help clients uncover evidence of infidelity (cheating spouses) in relationships, providing peace of mind or evidence for legal proceedings.