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Knoxville Private Investigator

We provide private investigative services in Knoxville, Knox County and throughout Tennessee

Our Tennessee private investigation firm specializes in surveillance, background investigations, workers compensation, legal, financial, corporate, insurance and personal investigations. Law firms also rely on our team to provide Service of Process.

We are committed to providing a high standard of excellence to every one of our clients, no matter how large or small their investigation.

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While we are based in Knoxville, we work with clients across Tennessee including those in Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and the tri-cities area of Bristol, Johnson City and Kingsport. If you’re located outside of Tennessee, please call as we may be able to help you too.

Expert Private Investigators Serving Clients Across Tennessee

Our expert team is comprised of experienced private investigators. This means that when you hire our firm, you are tapping into the best detective and reporting resources you can possibly find. We work to develop a customized action plan to solve your case and provide the information you need.

Whether you are an insurance company, a small business, a large corporation, or a private individual, we offer a wide range of investigative services that can help you deal with a crisis efficiently and effectively.

Visions Private Investigations will always handle your case professionally, ethically, and tenaciously. All our private investigators are experienced, licensed, and insured.

We understand our client’s need for privacy, and every discussion you have with us is held in strict confidence.

Reliable Service of Process in Tennessee

Visions Private Investigations provides comprehensive process serving across Tennessee.

With a team of dedicated professionals, we offer a wide range of services to ensure the timely, precise and lawful delivery of your legal documents.

Our team is ready to assist you with your legal document delivery needs throughout Tennessee and beyond.

Our firm is large enough to manage high-volume needs for law firms and other agencies within Tennessee. We also work with out of state law firms as well.

Our clients have rated us highly Google. Read our reviews here.

Investigative Services

  • Accidents – Car & Trucks
  • Asset Investigations
  • Backgrounds
  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate Theft
  • Surveillance – Family
  • Surveillance – Insurance

Service of Process

  • Civil Summons
  • Subpoenas
  • Complaints for Divorce
  • Child Support, Custody and Visitation Documents
  • Eviction Notices and Detainer Warrants
  • Garnishents
  • Foreclosure Documents
  • Skip Tracing

Workers Compensation

  • Workers Compensation Investigation

Personal & Family

  • Infidelity
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce


  • Civil/Commercial Litigation
  • Insurance Defense
  • Intellectual Property
  • Computer Forensics


  • Business M&A
  • Employee Investigations
  • Polygraph Exams
  • Executive Protection
  • Corporate Theft
  • Fixed Surveillance
  • Bug Sweep


  • Surveillance
  • Medical Insurance


  • Asset Investigations
  • Bank Fraud
  • Asset Transfers and Money Laundering

Special Assignment

  • Computer Forensics
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Polygraph Exams
  • Executive Protection
  • Fixed Surveillance
  • Bug Sweep
  • GPS Sweep

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Eddie McCarter is a private investigator licensed with the state of Tennessee and a member of the Tennessee Professional Investigators Association.


Visions’ goal is to present the unbiased, relevant, and accurate information by utilizing in-depth preparation and research.


Eddie McCarter, licensed Private Investigator, trained under Vinson Detective Agency and with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department.

About Visions Private Investigation

Visions Private Investigation’s goal is to present the unbiased, relevant, and accurate information to our clients by utilizing in depth preparation and research. Visions Private Investigations strictly adheres to applicable laws and regulations set by all governing bodies.

Visions Private Investigations is led by Eddie McCarter, a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN and a licensed private investigator with the state of Tennessee.

McCarter and his tean have conducted thousands of investigations for Knoxville area and Tennessee state-wide corporate, insurance, legal and private sector clients. We also provide Service of Process and skip tracing for law firms and collection agencies.

If you are in need of investigative services, please call us today at (865) 382-0391.

He is a member of the Tennessee Professional Investigators Association (TPIA) and has served on its board for mulitple years.

After training under Vinson Detective Agency, Eddie started Visions Private Investigation. Eddie has experience with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department in their narcotics and corrections departments. During this time with the Sheriff’s Department he proved to be effective managing inmates and gathering intelligence. He also volunteered his time assisting the narcotics and drug interdiction unit where he learned target specific investigative techniques which he now utilizes in his own practice.

McCarter brings a remarkable background to the private investigative industry and has amassed a highly skilled and well-rounded team. His personal, business, security, and overall life experiences give him a unique perspective when working cases and serving his clients.

Due to the nature of our investigations and the laws and regulations that we work within to perform our services, we take inquiries seriously. 

During our initial, free consultation, we will work to determine if our firm is a good match for the services you require. 

Thank you for considering Visions Private Investigation. Please call today at (865) 382-0391.