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We provide investigations after car and truck accidents – in Knoxville and across Tennessee

Visions Private Investigations has investigated numerous auto accident and personal injury accident cases across Tennessee. If you need the help of a private investigator after an accident, we may be able to help you.

Our private investigators have assisted attorneys, insurance companies and individuals in determining ‘what happened’ so that the appropriate legal direction can be taken.

All investigations are led by licensed private investigators who have years of experience.

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Private Investigators in Knoxville for Auto Accidents

Over 2 million accidents occur across the United States each year. Often, driver error is the cause.

When accidents need to be investigated, our team is ready to help. We work thoroughout Knoxville and across Tennessee, including:

  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Chattanooga
  • Tri-Cities of Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport

Our private investigators can assist after car accidents by gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and reconstructing the events leading up to the accident.

We work on behalf of various parties involved, including attorneys representing either the injured party or the defendant, as well as insurance companies.

For attorneys, our auto accident private investigators help build a stronger case by collecting evidence such as photographs, witness statements, and surveillance footage to support their client’s claims or defense. We may also investigate the background of involved parties, including any prior accidents or legal issues that could affect liability.

Insurance companies may hire private investigators to verify the extent of injuries claimed, assess the validity of the accident, or uncover any potential fraud.

Investigators may examine medical records, interview witnesses, and analyze the scene of the accident to determine the facts surrounding the case.

Our Knoxville car and truck accident investigators play a crucial role in providing thorough and accurate information to support legal proceedings or insurance claims related to car accidents.

Knoxville Auto Liability Claims Invesigators

Our experienced team can collect various types of evidence after a car accident to support legal proceedings or insurance claims. This evidence may include:

Witness Statements:
Private investigators interview witnesses to the accident to gather their accounts of what happened.

Surveillance Footage:
We search for surveillance camera footage from nearby Knoxville businesses or traffic cameras that captured the accident.

Photographs and Video:
Investigators document the scene of the accident, including vehicle damage, road conditions, and relevant signage or signals.

Accident Reconstruction:
We may work with accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the sequence of events leading up to the accident using physical evidence and computer simulations.

Vehicle Inspections:
Investigators may inspect the vehicles involved in the accident to assess damage and determine if mechanical failures or defects contributed to the crash.

Background Investigations:
Investigators may look into the background of individuals involved in the accident, including both drivers and witnesses. This could involve checking for prior accidents, traffic violations, criminal history, or any other relevant information that could impact liability.

By gathering and analyzing this evidence, our private detectives help establish the facts surrounding the accident and provide valuable information to attorneys, insurance companies, and other parties involved in the legal process.

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Eddie McCarter is a private investigator licensed with the state of Tennessee and a member of the Tennessee Professional Investigators Association.


Visions’ goal is to present the unbiased, relevant, and accurate information by utilizing in-depth preparation and research.


Eddie McCarter, licensed Private Investigator, trained under Vinson Detective Agency and with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department.

About Visions Private Investigation

Visions Private Investigation’s goal is to present the unbiased, relevant, and accurate information to our clients by utilizing in depth preparation and research. Visions Private Investigations strictly adheres to applicable laws and regulations set by all governing bodies.

Visions Private Investigations is led by Eddie McCarter, a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN and a licensed private investigator with the state of Tennessee.

McCarter and his tean have conducted thousands of investigations for Knoxville area and Tennessee state-wide corporate, insurance, legal and private sector clients. We also provide Service of Process and skip tracing for law firms and collection agencies.

If you are in need of investigative services, please call us today at (865) 382-0391.

He is a member of the Tennessee Professional Investigators Association (TPIA) and has served on its board for mulitple years.

After training under Vinson Detective Agency, Eddie started Visions Private Investigation. Eddie has experience with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department in their narcotics and corrections departments. During this time with the Sheriff’s Department he proved to be effective managing inmates and gathering intelligence. He also volunteered his time assisting the narcotics and drug interdiction unit where he learned target specific investigative techniques which he now utilizes in his own practice.

McCarter brings a remarkable background to the private investigative industry and has amassed a highly skilled and well-rounded team. His personal, business, security, and overall life experiences give him a unique perspective when working cases and serving his clients.

Due to the nature of our investigations and the laws and regulations that we work within to perform our services, we take inquiries seriously. 

During our initial, free consultation, we will work to determine if our firm is a good match for the services you require. 

Thank you for considering Visions Private Investigation. Please call today at (865) 382-0391.