Tennessee Child Custody Services

Children are the most precious thing in life, and when you are having a challenge with your parenting plan and/ or just want to make sure your child is being well taken care of while with the co-parent, we are here to help. Many parenting plans have strict guidelines of what is to happen while the child is with each parent, and if you believe the co-parent is not abiding by that plan you have the right to know and notify the courts that you do not feel your child’s best interest is being met and possibly have the courts rule in your favor for full custody. If you are currently going through a custody case, we can also help. If you believe the co-parent leads a lifestyle not safe or suitable for a child the courts need to know this with professionally-proven evidence.

Private Investigators in Child Abduction Cases in Tennessee

Tennessee private investigators can play a crucial role in child abduction cases. While law enforcement agencies typically take the lead in investigating such cases, private investigators may be hired by the family of the abducted child or by legal representatives to conduct additional investigations or provide specialized services.

These services may include:

  1. Surveillance: Private investigators can conduct surveillance to gather information on the abductor’s whereabouts, activities, and associates. This can be especially useful in cases where law enforcement resources are limited or stretched thin.

  2. Background Checks: Private investigators can conduct background checks on individuals involved in the case, including the abductor, to uncover any relevant information that may assist in locating the child or building a case.

  3. Locating Missing Persons: Private investigators have experience and resources to help locate missing persons, including children who have been abducted. They may use various methods, such as tracing digital footprints, interviewing witnesses, or following leads, to locate the child and reunite them with their family.

  4. Covert Operations: In some cases, private investigators may conduct covert operations to gather evidence or track the movements of the abductor without alerting them to the investigation. This can be especially important in cases where the safety of the child is at risk.

  5. Expert Testimony: Private investigators may provide expert testimony in court based on their findings and investigations. Their testimony can help support legal proceedings and strengthen the case against the abductor.

Overall, private investigators can be valuable assets in child abduction cases, working alongside law enforcement agencies and other professionals to help locate missing children and bring them safely home.