Why you should hire a professional process server?

Why should you hire a professional process server? Part of a process servers job is to make the “awkward situation” of serving documents easier on the client. Recent studies have shown that people who often have papers served would rather use a professional process server based on the knowledge of laws, the timely manner, success rate, and customer service. According to this study, 78% of people would rather use a process server. Included in this study, it is shown that 9 times out of 10 the process server can complete the job faster averaging a higher success rate.
With a process server, you can ensure that your server knows the laws around serving legal documents which can prevent you from paying a costly delay or even having the documents being dismissed from court. Process servers are quick to get the job done and value the customers time which gives process servers a 4 out of 5-star rating!

In the state of Tennessee, process servers can serve anywhere in the state for a flat rate and is priced per address and per party served. Each service request will receive 3 attempts to serve.
Along with these attempts, the customer will receive proof of service with a photo and GPS evidence. Process servers will get your documents served while simultaneously following the correct steps and legal actions. Professional process servers are here to build a reliable and trustworthy rapport with clients to ensure that they will properly serve all paperwork saving time and money for both lawyers and clients.