It takes a village to raise a child. This popular saying can be broken down to its most basic meaning, which is that the more people you have helping to raise a child, the more love, experiences, knowledge and education that child will have. It’s meaning is also a bit like the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. However, if the “village” contains anyone who is a potential threat to that child, the whole value of the village, and the child’s life, is diminished. That weak link, the person harmful to your child, can undo all the good you are trying to provide to your child. If you’re in a child custody situation, where the other parent is potentially harmful to your child, it’s time to bring in another village.

Visions Private Investigation can be that village. It is a team that functions as one. Because we have multiple investigators all working together, because we always have someone available by phone to our investigators in the field at all times, Visions’ investigators are able to get updates almost immediately when things change on the ground. This is important if the welfare of a child is involved. We get the job done more efficiently, more cost effectively, and more quickly than other investigators, because we are not just one investigator working independently for you. We are a village of investigators, with no weak links.