Do You Need a Process Server in Knoxville?

With years of deep experience and expertise across various investigative services, we take pride in providing reliable, fast and cost-effective civil process services solutions in Knoxville, across Tennessee and throughout the United States.

With Visions Private Investigations, you benefit from our large staff of process servers – our firm is large enough to manage high-volume needs for Knoxville law firms and other agencies within Tennessee. We also serve out of state law firms as well.

Our team maintains the highest industry standards and work ethic. We possess the skills to handle even the most challenging process serves. You can count on us to get the job done right, no matter the complexities involved with the serve.

What do Knoxville Process Servers do?

Process servers play an important role in the Tennessee legal system by distributing legal documents to individuals involved in lawsuits.

Process servers deliver legal documents in the litigation process to defendants or other parties involved in legal proceedings. This includes private lawsuits, court summons, subpoenas, complaints and other court dealings, etc.

Our team is highly experienced dealing with the complexities of the process serving laws and regulations of Tennessee. 

If you need a private investigation firm for Service of Process in Knoxville, please call us today.