Ideal staff. Professional education. Effective communication.

Contrary to what primetime television leads us to believe, private investigation isn’t one man in a trench coat lurking on a street corner. True private investigation is a collaborative effort that utilizes a team of professionals with expertise in specialized areas—and that is certainly what Visions PI offers.

Visions PI’s elite team is committed to excellence. Its success comes down to three things: The right team, consistent professional education, and connecting with people. Its elite team of knowledgeable and licensed investigators will gather the information you need and guarantee it is factual and significant, uncovering the truths that you want to know.

Visions PI’s commitment to staying relevant ensures that its elite staff continually receives advanced training with industry-specific technology, providing its clients the best advantages for surveillance and security. Many professionals, including attorneys and medical workers, must log hours in a classroom to stay recent and continue practice. Private investigators are no different, and Visions PI goes above and beyond these requirements to stay on top of cutting edge developments in the field. As Visions PI’s founder Eddie McCarter is fond of quoting, “When you’re green, you grow. When you’re ripe, you rot!” This culture of “staying green” and devotion to continued education ensures the most recent techniques will be used in your case, providing the most accurate outcome.

Visions PI’s team connects. They are relatable. Each team member has been chosen with communication skills as a priority. The ability to connect to everyday people in a meaningful way is crucial to the success of investigations. There is an art to successful interviewing and information gathering, and Visions PI’s team is full of comfortable, approachable, and practiced professionals. These honed communication skills can transfer to the courtroom as they relay findings to a jury. Not only will the information be thorough, meaningful, and accurate, but also it will be presented in a straightforward, uncomplicated way.

Visions Private Investigation is different: It will not only quickly uncover the truth and retell your or your client’s story—but its team of highly specialized and trained licensed investigators are committed to serve clients. The ideal staff’s proper training and honed communication skills all add up to success for clients.

Source: Cityview Magazine